TBS is digitalizing

TBS TEAM 24 is evidently getting more and more an IT- Solutions company, with the focus on operational processes at every aspect of its business. Our mission for the mid-term in the future is to fully digitalize and virtualize all the business processes. This will enable the operaters to fully focus on the supportive role in offering the clients the best solution in the right time.

Zero Effort Assistance

Bluebox corporate

The BlueBox Corporate is an allround IT operations plattform, which is the central workspace for handling the assistance cases. It comes with the Built-in intelligent solutions and self-learning features. It offers the operator a state of the art support during the whole process of case handling. The Assistance work made easy!

Bluebox connect

BlueBox Connect is our central Database Plattform, ensuring the data merging and managing of all relevan business data. Incoming data from our provider´s network, plattform fort he data exchange between Insurance and provider, analytical data and the accountancy data plattform. Simply the place where all the relevant data meet each other and ensure a flowless data exchange for the sake of excellent service provision.

Bluebox Track Monitor

BlueBox Track Monitor is WEB based mobile application which was designed for Live tracking of the technical case fort he client. If the client is in posession of a Smart Phone it can upon registering the case in BlueBox Corporate immediatelly track the handling process in live ticker. There are no more questions as fort he time of arrival of the technical proveder … everything is traceable on the Smartphone. We oofer this service free of charge to all our local and international clients.

Bluebox Track

BlueBox Track is an APP, that has been designed to support the technical provider and ease the communication with TBS TEAM 24. An assistance case can be handed over to the provider with all the relevant details which again minimize the possibilities for errors. The case can be handled without the phone call and paperwork … Its all digital!

Bluebox Clients

Information is a key to success. And, BlueBox Clients application has been designed to offer the clients a variety of data, which they can use to evaluate their assistance products, feasability and profitability. And, it is a great tool to monitor the trends and figures in order to optimize the development process for new assistance products.

Bluebox Staff

The WEB Based Mobile App BlueBox Staff is ensuring that every piece of relevant information comes to our employees in real time. There are no more missunderstandings and every colleague at TBS TEAM 24 is informed about the most importsant things like Timetable, SLA, number of cases, new products, alerts, etc … in real time.