Our company has migrated from the commercial vehicle assistance company back in 1996 to Universal Assistance competence center in the area, focused to invention and development of assistance services. During the entire period we have managed to raise the word »Service« to its finest!

Medical assistance

A permanent and reliable network of healthcare servises, that will never let down your clients. A strengthened network of operators in the Balkans is available 24/7 to your customers, offering reliable medical care, no matter where the customer is and what kind of problems he has.

Home help services

There are inconveniences every day in our homes. Our TBS Team 24 "home stars" are ready to help you, no matter when you get inconvenienced. Partners are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to visit you and prevent the inconvenience that can happen to you, and help prevent further damage to your home so that you can preserve your home, your shelter and the safe environment in which you spend the most beautiful moments of life.

Road assistance

Reliable, honest and transparent - just right for your client. With an above-average coverage of the region, we take care of the implementation of the best assistance in the Balkan Peninsula. Our dedicated partner network is composed of only trustworthy and reliable partners that offer superior service and enable us to provide our customers with the best services and thus make it easier for them to find the way they are. This is also demonstrated by performance indicators, among which we like to praise the time of partner's arrival at the place of failure - from the time of receiving the assistance case to the arrival of the provider to the site, in most cases, within the maximum of 30 minutes, we also note only 0.47% dissatisfaction with the organization and / or the provision of assistance services.

Customer care services

Do you want to be taken care of as a member of the royal family? Just say it and we'll take care of all your needs. Customer care has become due to today's fast-paced way of life and a saturated market with diverse services essential, if you want to be competitive on the market. We take care of our clients as members of the royal family - with an individual approach, compiled platforms and providing all the basic information at any time when the customer needs it, we strive to give both the client and the client the feeling that our customer is appreciated and we always do everything in a given situation to satisfy all of desires and needs of our customers.

Second medical Opinion

Medical care is increasingly becoming a key factor for the clients to decide about their insurance company. TBS TEAM 24 is a recognized Second opinion provider for some of the World's leading medical insurance companies. By using our own, and the network of third party medical institutions we take care about the appropriate support fort he client. High personal data protection standards are of course self evident.