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TBS Team 24 Newsletter - autumn edition


Our 11th edition is written in the after-season time in the spirit of Autumn, when both our work and the nature around us are already calming down. With this edition we have prepared for you a short summary of our summer season together with our plans for the future. We have also added a short description of the Slovenian traditional activities in time of Fall and prepared a few short, but very important travel advices for all those, who are planning trips in the upcoming months.

As it was with the conclusion of every summer season until now, we can once again proudly say, that we have surpassed our old record in the number of completed cases during the summer season. Of course, we are not the only ones who have set records this summer, our country has also set new record regarding the tourist visits over the summer months. This regaining growth, reflects in the growing visibility of our small, but comprehensive country.

We are pleasantly tired of the summer and all the challenges that this year has brought to us, but as we are already with one foot in the autumn and with the second one getting ready for the winter season, we are preparing for the challenges that the coldest period of the year will bring upon us.

1. Autumn activities

As the magic occurs in the Autumn season, the nature starts to calm down and is getting ready for a rest during the winter season and it serves us the very last goods, which we were planting throughout the year. In Slovenia, this mostly means we are busy picking up grapes and producing wines, this process is traditionally called »trgatev«. In smaller vineyards »trgatev« means a lot of fun and a reason for celebration and spending time with friends and family, while waiting for the grape juice to become wine. This concludes on 11th of November, with a holiday called »Martinovo« which represents a wine holiday for all the Slovenes. On this day, the grape juice is blessed, and it turns into wine. This day also represents the last day of work on the fields, with which nature and farmers start resting after all the heavy work done throughout the year.

»Martinovo« doesn't only bring us wine, but also a traditional dish, which is served in almost every restaurant during the celebration time. The traditional »Martinovo dish« is consisted from a duck, »mlinci« (thin dried flatbread which is cooked in the water and fried in a poultry fat) and a red cabbage.

TBS TEAM 24 SUGGESTS: »Martinovo« is day on which we celebrate and have fun, but we must be careful while consuming alcohol. Never drink and drive, for a return home it is best to order a taxi ride.

For those who didn't go on vacation during the summer months and are planning to hit the roads in the autumn, we have good news for you! Roads are no longer packed with vehicles and locations are no longer crowded, they remain reachable and beautiful. No matter, if you are planning to go to the neighboring countries or fly to another continent, it is necessary that you take care of yourself and conclude and insurance policy with a travel assistance, that is how your vacations will truly be carefree. Nowadays there is a lot of different touristic insurances available, TBS TEAM 24 suggests, that you check carefully which one to choose and pick the one, which goes the best with your life and travel style.

Before you conclude an insurance policy with a travel assistance included, it is good that you check exactly what is covered by it and what are you entitled to in the case of emergency. Besides having a good travel insurance, TBS TEAM 24 also suggests that you take the copy of your passport or ID card with you. In case you might lose the original, or if it gets stolen, it will be much easier for you to deal with the situation, if you at least have a copy with you.

It is also important to have all the important contacts written down somewhere outside your mobile phone as well. In case you stay without it for any reason, you will still be able to call all the important contacts, if you have an extra copy of them written somewhere else.

While travelling, our body is put into a different climate, different time zone and both food and water taste different. Because of all that, we suggest you, to always keep with you a »mini first aid kit« in which you carry basics such as band aids, sanitization wipes, pain killers, cream against bug bites and all the medicaments which you have a prescription for.

Also, do not forget to pack along suitable, but most importantly comfortable clothes and shoes, that way your vacation will be even nicer and more unforgettable.

2. Season trough the numbers

As we have already stated at the beginning, this season was once again a record one regarding the number of assisted cases during the summer in the region of our coverage. Summer season has hit us hard already in the middle of the May, where we have found ourselves in the bustle of technical cases. Our priority was as always to help the clients with technical issues as soon as possible, so they could continue their journey without experiencing any bigger stress already caused by the breakdowns itself. We were also very active with organizing help in the field of the travel assistance, helping all those who have experienced health issues while traveling.

At the beginning of the year, we have successfully expanded the network of our partners providing medical services, that is why we were able to do a great job this season in assisting all those who needed our help by providing them with a medical assistance of superior standards.

We also got hit by a huge and unexpected hailstorm this August, which has caused a small chaos all over Slovenia. During this hailstorm, we have also hit a record with the home assistance cases. However, this increased workload did not stop us to help all the clients who needed help with roofs, windows ... We have helped an enormous number of clients in being able to start living back under their roof as soon as possible once again.

One of the most important statistic numbers for us is our reply rate: Over 85% of inbound calls have been answered within the 20 second timeframe.

3. Our plans for the rest of the year 2018

Our network of partners, along with our precious staff members, is the most valuable assets to our company. With all the partners being smoothly incorporated into our daily business routine, it gives us and our employees a 100% certainty into being able to build upon and deliver on our promises made to your and our clients. This is also the reason, why we give and dedicate a lot of the attention and time to our partners. We are going to visit them once again in the upcoming months after the season, to see what their thoughts are about this season, what was performed great and what could have been done better.

Our network manager has already started with the visits of the partners in the beginning of the October and our CEO and KAM will be starting with their visits by the end of the month. They are about to finalize a lot of the new agreements with the potential new business partners, which we will uncover to you in the upcoming months.

Because of our excellently performed work, our volume of offered services is growing. This is the reason why we are already conducting a lot of the interviews with the potential new agents, who will join our team soon in its future endeavors. Our team will become bigger and even better! As we like to call it, we are a dream team providing the best assistance services in the countries of the Balkan region.

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