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Welcome to the spring edition of TBS news. This spring we were all caught in the new coronavirus pandemic, so this newsletter will summarize all current events in Slovenia and the region and measures taken by us at TBS Team 24, to stay healthy and safe and contribute to quicker return to the old, usual conditions locally and abroad. The situation that we are in connected us even more and we are thrilled to be in our offices again with the best possible team.

Considering the fact that the measures were taken very seriously, we are happy to say we are more than ready for the upcoming season and we are eager about the summer work awaiting us. While quarantined we had time to achieve additional goals, to extened our network and made our employees' jobs easier for the upcoming season.


Pandemic that paralized the world and forced us to slow down and rearange the priorities in our lives also affected our region. Overnight we ended up in recommended isolation in our small country, that shut down in many areas, for several weeks.

We have prepared a short overview of the current situation and measures taken in our region in the following countries:

Republic of Slovenia

On 14th May the government has announced the end of the epidemic since the number of cases of coronavirus infections has been considerably reduced due to strict adherence to measures. Only 18 new cases of infection have been confirmed in the past week.

On 15th June measures on borders crossings have been relaxed further, which means that currently there are no restrictions except for citizens of North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovna, Serbia and Kosovo, where the epidemiological situation has gotten worse recently.

Republic of Croatia

On 15th June measures on borders crossings have been relaxed further, which means that foreigners are able to enter Croatia, but have to have filled in following form: There are no restrictions for entrance for citizens of: Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Estonia; Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Slovenia, Germany and Slovaka. Citizens of other countries can enter Croatia as well, but have to have a reason for entrance: business, economic, turistic or private reason.

Republic of Serbia

On 21st May, Serbian government abolished the obligation to submit a negative PCR test and a special permit to enter the country, so fort he time being, it is possible to enter Serbia without any restrictions. Since the epidemiological situation is getting worse again, additional measures are expected to be taken, however we still do not have any information about this.


Fear of a second wave of COVID-19 is also emerging in Kosovo. At the moment the border is open and entry is allowed at the following crossings: Merdare, Vermice, Kulla, Hani i Elezit, Jarinje and Bijela zemlja. All persons entering the territory of Kosovo will be thoroughly examined by a medical team at the border crossing. Self-isolation is not necessary anymore since 8th June.

North Macedonia

In North Macedonia, the picture is unfortunately a little bit different. The country is facing a second wave of COVID-19, with between 150-200 new infections occurring daily in recent days, so the country has taken the following measures: from 17th June all border crossings in North Macedonia are open. A valid negative PCR test not older than 72 hours is required to enter North Macedonia. Upon entering the country it is still necessary to sign a 'Declaration on compulsory self-isolation for 14 days', which the State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate uses to bring a Decision on health surveillance in domestic self-isolation, which is controlled by Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The fourteen-day state quarantine measure applies to all citizens of North Macedonia and foreign citizens with residence in North Macedonia, that do not provide a negative PCR test upon entering the terittory of North Macedonia.

On 15th June, the government announced that foreign nationals can transit through North Macedonia through certain border crossings, and then od 17th June opened all border crossings for transit. Transit must be completed within a maximum of 5 hours, which the person agrees to by signing a statement upon entering the country and hands it over upon exit. The measure will be valid until the full release of the entry-exit regime in North Macedonia.

Important for travelers wishing to travel via North Macedonia to Greece and Albania: due to a new regulation, the Greek border with North Macedonia and Albania is closed until 1st July. EU citizens that wish to enter Greece by land can do this only through Bulgarian-Greek border.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

At the moment, only citizens of Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro can enter Bosnia and Herzegovina freely. Residents of other countries can enter the country only for business reasons and with a negative test for coronavirus, which must not be older than 48 hours from the moment of entry into the country.


Entry into Montenegro is possible without quarantine of self-isloation for citizens of foreign countries where the rate of active COVID-19 cases is less than 25 per 100.000 habitants (except Bosnia and Herzegovina). All domestic and foreign nationals arriving in Montenegro from a country with an active case rate of 25 or more per 100.000 habitants can enter the county, but must undergo mandatory quarantine/self-isolation for 14 days. If the test turns out to be negative, the self-isolation is abolished after 14 days.

Even though the end of epidemic has been confirmed, we still follow the measures:

  • strict physical distance,

  • hand and cough hygene,

  • isolating sick individuals,

  • hand sanitising and use of a face mask is required in closed spaces.

In our company TBS Team 24 we follow the measures strictly. Coworkers uphold the recommended distance of at least 1,5m, it is recommended to use a face mask and it is required to use hand sanitiser. We come to our workplace only if completely healthy, without any signs of infection. We avoid staying in communal areas too long, we also air out and disinfect the office multiple times a day.

We hereby want to thank all of our coworkers and business partners, that helped us provide uninterrupted assistance services safely regardless of the situation we all got caught up in, found a solution for every client that needed our help.

Slowly, but persistently, we are going back to old roads, which makes us really happy for all the collaborations and partnerships which will occur this upcoming season.

We have to mention that not even the pandemic could slow us down. Our IT team worked really hard to build and upgrade a new assistance programe that we are preparing and are really looking forward to start using it.

We wish you all a healthy and amazing, carefree summer.

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