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News - Summer edition 2019


1. BlueBox Track Monitor

The novelty, that we have been proudly developing for some time now is BlueBox Track Monitor application which allows our client to have a direct access to information about their assistance case.

Today, in time when every technological progress is welcome, we have upgraded assistance cases with mentioned application which enables our clients immediate access to his case data – they can track provider’s time of arrival on a breakdown location, information about provider that is working on their case, end address and rental car information like agency data, timely rent limits etc. Application is easy to use for a wide type of users. Client receives message with link to the application when his case is reported and processed.

Application is available for graphic customization that would fit your company’s signature. Insurance company’s clients, that are already using the application, are thrilled to have access all the time to the information that they need anytime.

BlueBox Track Monitor is upgraded with BlueBox Quality Survey which is a short survey that appears at the end of client’s assistance case which is optional to complete.

BlueBox Track Monitor advantage is offering its users ability to follow unfolding of their assistance case from the beginning and they don’t have to contact call centre about towing service’s time of arrival, name and other similar information.

In case you are interested to give the same experience to your clients, to ease them waiting for help and allow them direct access to their assistance case, send us an email to e-mail address and we will provide you with  accession form and in case of any questions, you can also get additional information about the application. 

2. Highways in Slovenia

There are new regulations and restrictions on the Slovenian highways from the 1st of April this year, which also relates the towing of commercial vehicles from highway.

In accordance with the Roads Act (ZCes-1) and the Road Traffic Rules Act (ZPrCP), the Motorway Company in the Republic of Slovenia (DARS) is the motorway and carriageways operator in the Republic of Slovenia, and as such is the only one obliged to remove all obstacles from motorways and carriageways, which include broken down, damaged or abandoned commercial vehicles, and thus ensure a safe traffic flow.

All the trucks should be towed/removed from the highway by DARS contractual service providers, which is on duty at that time and every week another provider is in charge for the removal/towing of trucks from highways. The contractual relationship with the chosen service providers for the removal of vehicles, is as already said concluded for the period from 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2024, or until a change in legislation which would require a different arrangement.

The contractual service providers should strictly respect the attached price list containing the maximum allowed prices. Unfortunately, we’ve already experienced cases with inflated prices, where some service providers are inflating hours, additional equipment needed for specific recovery, even if that is not necessary, … 

TBS Team 24 is already cooperating with vast majority of DARS contractual service providers, but unfortunately not with all.

We can assure you we’ll certainly do our very best to resolve each case, and we’ll perform to the best of our abilities, also by service providers that we are not cooperating with. However please note that we do not have contract with all the providers, because of the quality and costs reasons.

3. Careless summer vacation

Everyone wishes for their vacation to be careless and relaxing. Since this is a popular topic at this time of the year, we have put together several advices so that you can be prepared and you will know how to react in case that any accidents occur.

Our network contains states that have access to Adriatic Sea which is popular destination for travellers from across the world. Keep in mind that in Adriatic Sea you can find a lot of sea urchins. Do you know how to react if you step on one of them?

The fact is that sea urchins are poisonous, but there is no need to fear, their poison is not effective on humans. Typically, their needles thrust threw our skin and break due to what we limb for a few days, but there are also cases in which chronical swelling or skin lesions occur. The most important thing in case that you step on it is to remove sea urchin needles as soon as possible. If they couldn’t be removed, we recommend that you dip your foot in vinegar or to hold soaked gauze with vinegar since it melts needles. If you do not have to remove needles, swelling can occur and you will have to visit an emergency. For cases like this it is good to have appropriate tourist insurance with included abroad assistance which offers free check-up at hospitals or doctors. 

What about jellyfishes? Luckily, there are no deadly jellyfishes in Adriatic Sea, only the ones that sting and cause painful experience. In case that you get stinged by a jellyfish, we advise you to remove tentacles with pincers or with glove protected hand. If you don’t have any of these things in reach, you can also use credit card or knife’s handle. Rinse burn with sea water and not with tap water because it activates poison and pain and burning feeling is going to increase. We also recommend cold compressions and if you have it with you, a mixture of sea water and baking soda in ratio 1:1. If these tips don’t work or if burning is painful, use painkillers. In case that burning is not severe, you don’t have to visit an emergency room (summarized by

We wish you a carefree summer vacation, but in case that you need our help, our team is available 24/7. We will strive to assist you in shortest possible time so that you can continue your journey.

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