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TBS Team 24 Newsletter - Issue #8 (Autumn Edition)


Dear business partners, 

Yet another summer season is definitely behind us. I would like to express my gratitude in the name of our Team and me personally, to everyone who trusted us in this year. And I would like to encourage those, who still haven’t experienced TBS Team 24, to do so in the future. It was very nice working with you all although sometimes very challenging, for all. However I think, that the challenges which we have to deal with, are the actual source and inspiration for our development. And, we have already started a new development period in order to offer you even better service with even bigger transparency. 

Our next goals will be to audit the Medical and Technical Network, appoint additional medical facilities as for the medical operations. For the technical though, we are going to introduce a brand new approach of dispatching the cases via Mobile Application. By doing so we want to achieve even better control over the provision of technical cases and greater transparency in terms of collecting more precise data. 

 All in all, we are happy to see that the world is still moving and we will continue to move along with it! 

 Kind regards, 

 Edvard Hojnik, CEO 


+7,18% in claims handled 2016 versus 2015 

+3,88% in calls handled 2016 versus 2015 

+42,62%in compliments received 2016 versus 2015 

+16,28% Abandon rate 2016 versus 2015 

+0,52% Answer rate 2016 versus 2015 

COMPLIMENTS FROM OUR PRECIOUS CUSTOMERS …. (only very few from the summer season)

“Thank you so much! You are phenomenal, I’ll await updates”Assistance Company from United States of America. 

 “Hi, working with you it’s a pure pleasure”Assistance Company from Poland

 “Dear Team, thank you very much for your great help. I just spoke to the client. He is very happy with your local towing service. He is so helpful and great and takes really great care of clients.”Assistance Company from Germany

“Good afternoon, I hope this email finds you well! I I hereby share this compliment received during our follow up from our customer, which with the support of you were able to meet the quality that we value in our services.Below you will find the translation from the compliment attached:Hello! Yes, I was at the clinic this afternoon on the scheduled time and everything went perfectly! This is the first time I had to use a travel insurance, and I have only praises regarding the customer service received since the beginning. I was very well attended by both: the driver who picked me up and dropped me off at the hostel, and by the clinical staff, and also by you that made all the procedures since the beggining very effectively !Thank you for the service provided!, Thankfully,”Customer from Brasil

“Dear Colleagues, thank you so much for letting us know, and for your wonderful assistance in this case.”Assistance Company from Norway 

“Hello, you don’t have to, but thank you, you are really kind, bacically, great assistance company.”Assistance Company from Czech Republic 

 “Thanks a lot for your help, you are wonderful as usual, kind regards.”Assistance Company from France 

 “We like to cooperate with you, great job, thank you once again fro all your assistance”Assistance Company from Czech Republic 


The situation in Serbia in the last couple of weeks has been very particular. To those whom have no insight into the protest that has been in effect in Serbia, here is a quick recap: after a physical conflict between the employees of the AMSS and those who work for an unnamed private towing company, which all started because of the towing and repair of a vehicle with foreign license plates, the private towing companies are now demanding authorization to work on the Koridor 10 lane, which is at this time in the jurisdiction of the AMSS. As one towing company owner explained, their business is registered at the Department of Transportation, and they do their jobs professionally and effectively as same as the AMSS does, and there is no reason for them not to be allowed to work on this lane. 

On the other hand, the AMSS insists, that the private towing companies are the ones who do not wish to cooperate and that in most cases are insufficiently equipped to provide the same services as they can. Still the fact remains, that there is approximately 1300 towing companies in Serbia, but only the ones that are registered in the AMSS system are allowed to perform their services on the highway. The departmental minister also responded on the situation and stated that the AMSS is not the only authorized subject but is the only alliance that has fulfilled the necessary requirements so far. In addition it was stated, that the information about the overflow of unlicensed private towing companies, operating on the mentioned highway lane is not entirely accurate, since police supervision is more effective then ever before. 


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