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TBS Team 24 Newsletter Issue #6


Dear Colleagues and Friends, 

These are exciting times for TBS Team 24 - constant challenges, improvements and expansion. 

While each year represents a new and different chapter in the life of TBS Team 24, 2016 will be in many ways a continuation of 2015. 

First and foremost, 2015 has seen many new improvements. It was with a great excitement to unveil our new website to you. Hopefully you like the new look and the improved navigation and fresher information. We recently finished renovating our offices, so you are all very much welcome to visit us and enjoy the transformation and even more modern surroundings. The new telecommunication centre will see the launch at the beginning of Mai 2016. It offers entirely automatized communication solutions. Results become visible in term of an optimized workload and increasing effectiveness. 

Of course the main aim of all changes and improvements – be it corporate or technological is to continuously improve and provide high quality services to our valuable customers, who will always be the heart of our business. 

We are here to help and to support customers with a smooth and efficient costs effective experience. That’s us! I work with colleagues that are not only the best at what they do, but they are great people who care about the company and our customers. This is something I am really proud of. I genuinely like coming to work, as we’ve developed an environment that allows us to work hard and to be ourselves. 

 Mrs. Aleksandra Tkalcic, Key Account Manager 

I. MAIN ARTICLE – “VULTURES” ON SLOVENE, CROATIAN AND SERBIAN HIGWAYS (Insurant’s safety and rights tend to be of secondary importance): 

What used to be a phenomena of the West Balkan area, has now become a reality also in Slovenia and Croatia. We need to realise that vultures prey on easy targets i.e. unsuspecting drivers, who have a breakdown or an accident on a highway. It is of utmost importance to stress the services are free of charge for the clients if they have a valid insurance policy. These services do not need to be paid, regardless of vulture’s persistence. To assure insurant’s identification, the following needs to be considered: 

-The passengers’ safety on the highway is of utmost importance, followed by informing the assistance centre (not relevant if the towing service is organised by the police). If Motorway Company that operates and maintains the local motorway network arrives to the place of the breakdown/accident to secure the vehicle or the place of the incident, the employee needs to be immediately notified, you have already called a towing service. By law, the Motorway Company employees are merely responsible to secure the place of a breakdown/accident; by no means are they allowed compelling the driver to agree with towing, conducted by their providers or licensees. 

 -Once at the safety zone - as written in the Road Safety Law – you can wait for the arrival of a towing service. The average waiting time is 20 – 30 minutes since the insurant has been identified. 

The warning signs, the towing service that arrived on spot is not TBS Team’s provider, are: 

-The first vehicle to attend the place of an incident very rapidly is a personal vehicle, usually a van, with intervention lights. 

-Unusually fast ‘coincidental’ arrival of a towing service to the place of incident can indicate vultures are at work; they tend to roam the highways and are kept informed by the use of UKW stations.

-If the worker who arrived to the incident location enquires where is the vehicle/client insured. 

-Vehemently explaining to the client towing off the highway is mandatory as standing on the highway is illicit. 

-Explaining to the client the payment would be sorted out once the vehicle is safely removed from the highway (to their depot), should they have a valid insurance policy. 

-Offering to repair the client’s vehicle at their workshop. 

-Offering cheap used spare parts. 

-Offering to buy off their damaged/broken down vehicle 

All elements, listed above, can indicate opportunists are at work. Opportunists who are willing to take any measures to lure you into paying the services, which are otherwise free, or complying with repair under unclear conditions that can result in detrimental technical and financial consequences. Intimidation and extortion are not foreign to these companies. 

Thus, put your trust in TBS Team, which will always provide you with professional technical support and free breakdown assistance within policy limits. 

 Mr. Edvard Hojnik, CEO 


Mr. Andrej BRDNIK, Assistance coordinator 

1.Describe your background. How you started working for TBS Team 24? 

 I was looking for a student job two and a half years ago. I stumbled upon an ad saying company TBS Team 24 was looking for some student help. I sent my application and CV. Since I did not hear from them at first, I somehow forgot that I sent my application. In February 2014 while on a ski course with children, my phone rang. I answered the call and I was invited for an interview. I was very happy and enthusiastic about it, but honestly, had no idea which company it was. When I came home, I goggled it and memorised it. After few interviews I was accepted. Initially, I was working by TBS Team 24 as a student for half a year. After I finished my Masters degree in Family and Marital Therapy they offered me a job. My first “REAL” job. I accepted it and now I have been working here for almost two years. 

2.List five words that describe your character? 

Positivity, energy, laugh, sun, freedom. 

3.Please explain what Help and Helping People means to you, why it is important? 

I always wanted to help people. For me, helping people means that when someone needs me. The first thing on my mind is the clients’ well being. Taking care of the client is the top priority. And to make sure we are getting it right, we listen first to understand what the client needs. 

4.What major changes have you been observing within TBS Team 24 since the beginning of your cooperation? 

Changes? Nothing is as it once was! Throughout the years the TBS Team 24 approach and expectations have certainly changed. I’ve noticed growth and development of the company. Now I work in a totally new company. We have new offices, new working stations, we are awaiting a new assistance program, new telecommunication platform ...everything is changing ...and yes I like changes. Otherwise, I think that the team is more and more connected, whilst at the same time we’ve built a strong working relationship. I feel we are all going through positive changes. 

5.Please, a few word about the future? 

It is always a good question, what the future will bring. Currently I am also working on some additional projects as a Project coordinator and I really hope that we will launch it before summer.A part from contributing to the projects I am working on, we are also already preparing for the new, crazy summer seasons. Many, many cases, load of phone calls and many difficult and challenging situations. But you know what, dear Season 2016, we are ready for you, just bring it on! 


And the winner is Zadar in Croatia 

20 selected destinations have completed for the prestigious title of Best European Destination 2016. After online voting (participants from Tourism Offices, community managers and voters) Zadar was elected Best European Destination 2016 and won this prestigious title. 

Athens, Plovdiv, Nantes, The Azores Islands, Paris, Novi Sad, Brussels, Kotor, Milan, Prague, Rome, Vienna, Madrid and Nicosia are the next best destinations for a holiday or city-trip in 2016. 

Welcome to Zadar European best destination 2016! Zadar is a great city, a city full of tradition and modernity, a city open to the sea. Stroll along the waterfront and hear the amazing sound of the "sea organ" while watching "the most beautiful sunset in the world" according to Alfred Hitchcock. 

This city of Zadar is marked by its history and turned towards modernity. Zadar is a different city, incomparable, with a soft and cozy atmosphere, a holiday atmosphere of tranquility and serenity. Zadar is quiet and safe: you can go for walks during the night as well as during the day. You will discover splendid vestiges of the Roman era, but also fine shops, restaurants at affordable prices, fruit and vegetable markets, outdoor concerts. 

In Zadar you will enjoy delicious food and nice walks along the docks and you will listen to the sound of the sea organ, a unique facility in Europe that allows the sea to compose a sweet and enchanting music. 


We recently finished renovating our offices, so you are all very much welcome to visit us and enjoy the transformation and even more modern surroundings. 

The next edition of TBS Team 24 Newsletter is planned for June 2016. Should you have any comments on this issue or article ideas for the next issue, please do not hesitate to share these with us. 

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